F*ck Tea

F*ck Tea.  That was our very first campaign.  F*ck Tea.  Just in case anyone was confused about what we stood for or how we planned to fight. Just in case anyone thought we had any aspirations to be yet another well-intentioned, mediocre progressive advocacy group towing the party line.  No, that wasn’t what we had in mind at all.

Conservative honcho Bill Kristol hated our first campaign, taking to the Weekly Standard to call us “ill-tempered” “(their) good humor (such as it was) has collapsed.”  He argued that 54% of likely voters either strongly or somewhat supported the Tea Party movement.  That was in 2010.  Tea Party favorables are now closer to 17%.  Everyone must have finally figured out what we knew from the beginning.  The Tea Party is nothing but a bunch of racist homophobes wholly owned by corporate insiders who have more in common with King George than the scrappy group of colonists demanding fair taxes. 

While the Tea Party’s star has waned, ours has not.  Sen. Rand Paul’s spokesman called us  “a shadowy group of progressive political hitmen” Cong. Jason Chaffetz called us the “established anti-establishment.”  And Donald Trump blamed us for destroying Mitt Romney’s presidential aspirations. 

So, yes, F*ck Tea.