Romney Girl

Should the President of the United States have a Swiss bank account?  We say no. Mitt Romney says yes. 

In the heat of the 2012 presidential race, the Agenda Project Action Fund released Romney Girl, a sexy music video featuring a tax-dodging Swiss Vixen named Ms. Heidi Svenda Bernasconi crooning Life is Taxless, It’s Fantastic.

The video received 650,000+ YouTube views, before Universal Music ordered the Agenda Project Action Fund to take it down.  

On August 21st, Switzerland's Federal Department for Foreign Affairs (DFAE) publicly denounced Romney Girl's video, arguing that it gives "the impression that having a bank account in Switzerland is dubious in itself.”  The DFAE official also expressed concern that according to the video the only "aim" of having a Swiss Bank account is "to hide money from the tax authorities." Switzerland's Washington Embassy reportedly expressed its unhappiness with the Romney Girl video to the Obama Administration.  

Media coverage highlights for this ad include: ABC, CNN, CBS, Bill O’Reilly (TV & Blog), Mother Jones, The Nation, MSNBC, TIME, The Guardian, The LA Times, Salon, Daily Beast, TruthDig, Mass Live, AlterNet, Raw Story,, The Hill, Daily Kos, RH Reality Check, The Globe and Mail, NY's Daily News, Free Speech TV, Mediaite, and Globo (Brazil’s largest news aggregator). 

By the time that the video was removed at the behest of Universal Music Group on September 14th, the video had over 70 million media impressions.