You Won't Believe What Sen. Grassley Was Doing Instead of Holding a SCOTUS Hearing!

  • Posted on April 12, 2016
  • by Staff

In light of Senator Grassley’s refusal to hold a hearing on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee -- and a myriad of other things Republicans refuse to do (like the basic responsibilities of governing) -- the Agenda Project Action Fund released a new video that poses a very simple question: 

If Republicans don’t do their jobs when they’re in Washington, what exactly is it that they do do?

You can see the video below. It’s...well, just watch.

The new ad will begin airing in Iowa tomorrow (provided of course that the corporate owned media doesn’t censor or refuse to air it, which it likely will. In which case, it will live on the internet and social media where all the real action is anyway). 

While Sen. Dick Durbin has said publicly that the Democrats would work through the process in a "dignified and respectful way,” the Agenda Project Action Fund has placed no such constraints on itself.

Instead, the Agenda Project Action Fund has decided to be exactly as dignified and respectful to Republicans as Republicans have been to America. Their refusal to do their job has actual, real consequences for actual, real people. Leaving the Supreme Court tied in this volatile election season when one candidate has already questioned another candidate’s constitutional right to the Presidency is the definition of irresponsible.   

At some point, our fellow citizens are going to clue into the fact that people who hate the government should not be allowed to run it.  

PS: We are putting this on the air in Iowa, but we want to show this ad EVERYWHERE. Will you help us by contributing $27, $54, $270 today? CLICK HERE.