Your Agenda, Your Choice: 2016 Endorsement Poll

  • Posted on March 10, 2016
  • by Staff

From F*ck Tea to Granny Off the Cliff to Republican Cuts Kill, the Agenda Project Action Fund has never shied away from a fight. We've taken on those dirtbags on Wall Street, extremists in Congress, the absolute sociopaths in the Tea Party, and Muslim bashing hatemongers. You could say we are unapologetic in our fight against those who threaten our democracy. We believe that PROGRESS is the real American party and we are ready to throw our voice behind someone who holds those same values. 

The thing is, we think of ourselves as part of a broader progressive community and that our voice is an amplification of yours. Taking that into account, simply endorsing a candidate by edict of our leadership team just seemed ... well ... undemocratic. That is why the Agenda Project Action Fund is putting it to a vote. You, Agenda Project Action Fund supporter, can engage in direct democracy right here and now. Click the image below and fill out the ballot to let us know who you want to see win the Democratic nomination. We will be announcing the winner soon. Stay tuned.

And please, one person one vote. Don't be the Koch brothers. 


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