Who We Are


Because of the radical extremism of the Right, American politics is increasingly a battle for the political soul of the nation between two diametrically opposed worldviews.  The Right’s unlimited financial resources and its pathological immorality will destroy this country – indeed this world – if it manages to wrest control of the government from more rational hands.  

Radicalism cannot be met with subtlety and hesitation.  A fundamentally different kind of organization is required to dismantle the conservative premise and force it back into the dark corners of the national psyche where it belongs.

The Agenda Project Action Fund doesn’t spend big to buy media so that we can impose our ideas on America, instead we create remarkable expressions of our values which spread because truth cannot be ignored.  

Agenda Project Action’s unique model marries the activities of a traditional marketing firm with a citizen-funded revenue stream.  This unique model allows us to aggressively advance a core set of values in the public debate.  Unlike traditional rapid response organizations, we don't try to respond to every single piece of propaganda disseminated by the Right.  Instead we focus on identifying those moments which best exemplify the fundamental differences between conservatives and the rest of America.  

By creating compelling illustrations of the differences between conservatives and decent Americans, we challenge our fellow citizens to examine their personal values and pick a side.  By selecting those issues which best embody the fundamental difference between the two sides, we are able to penetrate the rightwing propaganda machine and lay bare the inadequacies of their worldview.  

Our approach seeks to repeatedly strike the collective nerve in the body politic and in so doing to create a resonance that lives long after the initial communications is complete.  It is our ability to strike that nerve which accounts for the remarkable reach of our campaigns.